Thursday, December 8, 2011

Siput Babi Atas Air.... HAHAHAHAH :D


Semalam dok lepak lepak Mc'Donald sambil sambil online FB, tiba tiba nampak satu video yang telah dipost oleh hamba Allah siapa ntah dari page Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar SMK Sungai Manggis.  

and this is the video :

Bila tengok je video ni, I was like OHHHMAAIIIGOOODD! This is unbelievable! How could you little kid, upload this video! omg. this is sooo cute.. HAHHA actually rindu gila moment ni. Best sangat. Walaupun ramai geng geng upper yang tak datang ( stok nak kene sembelih memang gitu ). Tapi happening. Thanks too all adik adik yang gila sapottting, supporting, spoting, semua lahhh! Thanks to you guys because you guys make this event alive! 

You see, even its raining, all are wet, but then the activity are still on, and the best part is, we could have some 'mandi hujan bersama' moment! HAHAHAH tepi pantai lagi wookk! Bukan semua orang okay boleh dapat pengalaman macam ni. And we are wayy toooo lucky to have this kind of experience..

We as a senior, that would finish up our exam in just a week, want to wish you guys, the best of luck for next year. Do well in STPM. Make sure that your senior year is a year that could never be erase from your mind. Remember that you can't turn back time, but you can rewind the memory. :) 

Goodluck guys :) 
We love you all!     

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